What Is The Pendant Project?

There were so many people that were important in Saoirse's life. Those that were the closest to her will be receiving a pendant that I made to remember her. I made these pendants from casting resin and embedded two things within them - 1: a bead from the beads program at the hospital (each bead represents a procedure or event in her treatment), and 2: a little bit of her ashes. I made them instead of finding vial pendants to put her ashes in. This is much more personal (and less breakable). 

If you receive a pendant, there is one requirement that comes with it - this is where the Pendant Project comes in. When you travel, whether near or far, take a picture of Saoirse's pendant where you are so we can keep track of all the places she has been. Email the pictures to thependantproject@gmail.com along with the place and the date (month and year are fine). The images will be shared here, as well as put into photo books that will show all the places she has been. The goal? To have Saoirse be able to see the world and to spread her message of strength wherever she goes. 

Together, let's make Saoirse the most well traveled toddler ever!


  1. Love it... Great idea and a good way to remember your precious daughter... I'm so sorry she's no longer here, but happy that she isn't suffering any longer. Love to you both. XOXO

  2. Wow! How were you able hide hide that you were in Ireland?! LOL that is awesome. Anyway, what a fantastic and beautiful idea. I can't wait to see how this all plays out for you. I love that you guys are doing this.

  3. Awesome idea Kezia! This is really wonderful:)