Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Here are some more photos from Saoirse and our trip to Ireland. 


  1. Beautiful and amazing!
    Will you (or have you already and I missed it) Tell us more about these pendants?

  2. Ah, so was this the secret getaway eluded to in Mike's blog? :) Beautiful pendant and beautiful pictures. I love this idea and can't wait to see pictures of all the places Saoirse goes with her loved ones. :)

  3. wonderful idea and the pendants are beautiful. just like her. just like you and mike. i can't wait to see where she goes...

  4. Kezia,
    You are just amazing!! This is such a wonderful idea and a brilliant way to remember Saoirse and all she stood for. I'm in such awe of all the ways that you find to keep Saoirse close and still keep moving forward. You are truly an inspiratinal person. Can't wait to see where else she goes, I hope that it's everywhere.